• Tanya - G-3

    I love my school
    because we learn
    through different methods
    like puppet, theatre,
    role plays, games etc.
  • Avni - G-3

    I love woodbury
    because here learning
    is fun. Our teachers
    love us and we have become
  • Palak Preet - G-1

    My School is a
    beautiful place. We learn
    different concepts
    with games, activities
    and media. We enjoy a lot.
  • Puneet - G1

    My school is big and
    beautiful. I love the action
    songs in assembly.
    I have started speaking
    English. I love my
    teachers & friends
Games, athletics and sports have their own unique place and importance in the curriculum. Other than engendering healthy competitiveness, sports activities in the school are useful in building character, sportsmanship, discipline, a strong work ethic, and the ability to work in teams. We have a team of professional coaches who will identify the interest and ability of each student and hone their talent. We will provide our students with

Basket Ball

Volley Ball

Table Tennis


Mini Gymnasium


Martial Arts