• Tanya - G-3

    I love my school
    because we learn
    through different methods
    like puppet, theatre,
    role plays, games etc.
  • Avni - G-3

    I love woodbury
    because here learning
    is fun. Our teachers
    love us and we have become
  • Palak Preet - G-1

    My School is a
    beautiful place. We learn
    different concepts
    with games, activities
    and media. We enjoy a lot.
  • Puneet - G1

    My school is big and
    beautiful. I love the action
    songs in assembly.
    I have started speaking
    English. I love my
    teachers & friends

Early Years

We believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn. We encourage each child to achieve success independently while developing intellectually, socially and cognitively. At each stage, children are involved in hands-on activities that encourage them to explore and solve problems at their own rate of development.

Elementary School

The aim of the Elementary School is to create a joyous vibrant space for children to feel comfortable with themselves and their environment. Through the years at the Elementary school, students will be encouraged learn to explore the world with curiosity, asking questions and developing skills in problem solving and interpretation. The students will continue to excel in mastering social skills and enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Middle School

At the Middle School, the learners will be encouraged to practice independent learning. This level will be more exhaustive academically and will be supported by continuous assessment and achieving the student's short term and long term learning goals. Providing competitive opportunities at National and International Levels will enhance the learning process at this level. Students will be given ample opportunities to identify their innate talents and develop a scientific bent of mind.

High School

The High School is focused on preparing future ready students. It will be driven by academics based on broad curriculums and assessments based on the student's future needs. Students will be offered a plethora of subjects to choose from and gain experience.