• Tanya - G-3

    I love my school
    because we learn
    through different methods
    like puppet, theatre,
    role plays, games etc.
  • Avni - G-3

    I love woodbury
    because here learning
    is fun. Our teachers
    love us and we have become
  • Palak Preet - G-1

    My School is a
    beautiful place. We learn
    different concepts
    with games, activities
    and media. We enjoy a lot.
  • Puneet - G1

    My school is big and
    beautiful. I love the action
    songs in assembly.
    I have started speaking
    English. I love my
    teachers & friends

Language Labs

We encourage the use of language beyond it being a means of communication. Language at Woodbury World School is a way of understanding others and being social. Our language labs allow the students to record, converse and listen to languages and enhances their skills to learn new languages effectively.


(Reading, Arts and Creative Entertainment /Expression). Reading is an integral part of learning and through our program we ensure students convert their reading into creative expression in the form of Arts. Woodbury World School has a never seen before library, which gives way to the Art and Creative Expression centre. Our partner in this endeavor is IRA – International Reading Association, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

I.Q. Lounge

We have set up an IQ lounge in the school where initially the Intelligence Quotient of each child will be tested and steps will be taken to better it. It is a proven scientific fact the IQ can be improved during the schooling years and we are bringing scientifically proven techniques and tools to work on our students.

Pottery Barn

Our students will be given a chance to showcase their creativity at the Pottery Barn.

The composite labs

The composite labs at Woodbury World School are one of their kinds as it brings together all subjects in one place. Everything is a science and students must experiment and learn rather than rote learning. The composite labs will provide an opportunity for experiential learning.

The Mozart Labs

Music brings out a different level of creativity in children. Apart from getting formal training in music, Woodbury will encourage students to discover their innate talents by experiencing a variety of instruments and being exposed to different kinds of music.


(Space Exploration Activities). Woodbury World School has joined hands with various astronomy clubs of National and International repute and will work towards fulfilling students aspirations of exploring beyond the Universe.

Robotics Club

This club will involve students in working with robots built with LEGO® and designing their own Robot colonies. This will encourage students to think beyond the existing peripheries.