• Tanya - G-3

    I love my school
    because we learn
    through different methods
    like puppet, theatre,
    role plays, games etc.
  • Avni - G-3

    I love woodbury
    because here learning
    is fun. Our teachers
    love us and we have become
  • Palak Preet - G-1

    My School is a
    beautiful place. We learn
    different concepts
    with games, activities
    and media. We enjoy a lot.
  • Puneet - G1

    My school is big and
    beautiful. I love the action
    songs in assembly.
    I have started speaking
    English. I love my
    teachers & friends


Woodbury world school has a computer lab with advanced infrastructure and complete wi-fi to cater to the requirement of students, teachers and the curriculum.

Resource Center

The school's well stocked library has books, Cds , Encyclopedias, Periodicals etc, Which maximizes effectiveness and inculcates reading habits.

Maths Lab

The purposes of Maths lab to stimulate interest in maths, Encourage, and assist students to develop knowledge, competence, enthusiasm, and social responsibility for scientific advancement.

Composite Science Lab

To enhance the learning ability and impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school is well equipped with a composite science lab.

IQ Lounge

It uses scientifically proven techniques and tools to improve the iq of our students. It is well stocked with metal teasers, time games, spelling games, grammar games and puzzles imported from USA.


To improve physical efficiency as well as to enhance physical activity of students we are having cricket ground, Skating rink, Lawn tennis , Volleyball ground. Along with this for juniors classes School has well equipped Play gym.


To make teaching impressive and interesting, Woodbury world school has Audio visual room (AVR).

BALA Space

The concept of using Building as a learning aid is known as BALA space. In which along with books, school building is also a type of teaching learning material.