• Tanya - G-3

    I love my school
    because we learn
    through different methods
    like puppet, theatre,
    role plays, games etc.
  • Avni - G-3

    I love woodbury
    because here learning
    is fun. Our teachers
    love us and we have become
  • Palak Preet - G-1

    My School is a
    beautiful place. We learn
    different concepts
    with games, activities
    and media. We enjoy a lot.
  • Puneet - G1

    My school is big and
    beautiful. I love the action
    songs in assembly.
    I have started speaking
    English. I love my
    teachers & friends

Our learning ladder ensures overall growth where learning will be a joyous journey. Our program is aligned with CBSE –I and Cambridge to give an international exposure to the students. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the learning abilities of children at different ages. Through the years the pedagogy at Woodbury World School will focus on

  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Digital Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Social and Emotional Learning

Brain Based Learning

Woodbury World School has introduced a unique learning style – Brain based Learning. At the onset of your child's journey with the school, the student will be assessed on whether they are a right-brain user or left brain user. Through the years at Woodbury, we will ensure that your child develops and utilizes both sides of the brain equally. Woodbury World School will be a pioneer in bringing a portable brain lab to the country.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning is a novel concept and it encourages students to reach out to each other to solve problems and share knowledge, this not only builds collaboration skills, it leads to deeper learning and understanding. We will provide our students with a culture that values every student's strengths and a school community that believes everyone can learn from each other.

Digital Learning

In order to create future ready learners, Digital Learning will be an active part of the learning process at Woodbury World School. Digital learning offers an unprecedented ability to provide educational experiences that are tailor-made for each student. By embracing digital devices and connected learning, classrooms around the country and around the globe can not only connect to one another to share insights and boost learning, experience and communications skills.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is an experiential experience that integrates core subjects with real-life problems to be solved. Project based Learning encourages students to create masterpieces and demonstrate key skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. At Woodbury World School our lessons will be planned in a way to provide ample project designing opportunities to students.

Social and Emotional Learning

Learning through books will enable us to grow mentally but we as human beings need to evolve socially and emotionally. Our curriculum will provide a perfect blend of making our students emotionally stronger and social.